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How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet?

Apr. 10, 2021

As a Copper Hot and Cold Basin Faucet Wholesale, share it with you.

LED Light-Emitting Washbasin Faucet

LED Light-Emitting Washbasin Faucet

1. Look at the material

The material of the kitchen faucet can not be careless. After all, the water flowing out of it is basically used for washing vegetables and cooking. If it is of inferior quality, it may emit some toxic substances during use and cause harm to our health, so the material of the faucet is very important. 

2. Water saving

The choice of kitchen faucet depends on whether the product saves water? Generally, the water flow rate is kept at about 8.3 liters/min to save water. The faucet has a bubbler added to the water outlet, so it will not splash due to excessive water volume during use, and it will not be washed due to insufficient water volume. Not clean. With this bubbler, the water flow becomes soft and prevents external splashing. This bubbler will fully mix the water with the air, thereby reducing water consumption and saving water!

3. Humanization

Have you ever encountered an embarrassing scene where your fingers are covered with stains or your hands are filled with things and you can’t turn on or off the faucet? Traditional kitchen faucets are mostly manual switches, and most people may have experienced the embarrassing situation before. The user-friendly design fully takes into account the busyness in your kitchen, which can make your kitchen life easy and convenient. When you are busy cooking or cleaning in the sink, you can just touch any part of the faucet and you can do whatever you want Turn on and off the faucet. Easily control the water switch, which is convenient to use and reduces the possibility of mutual infection by touching bacteria on the handle!

4. Easy to clean

After a period of frequent use of kitchen faucets, certain stains will appear on the exterior. Faucets with good materials can be restored to new ones after cleaning, and faucets with poor materials will not be cleaned and produce more stains on the surface.

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